Harmonies honed in time for edp wedding show With acapella enjoying a revival partly thanks to the us tv show glee, a group of six musicians decided to get together to offer a party band with a difference. And the acafellas joe ringer, lee Dresses for Weddings:http://www.stwd.co.uk gibling, mark read, djinh kamei, ben weston and sam wheelerbrown will make their public performance debut at the edp wedding show this month. Mr ringer, a familiar face in the local music scene and frontman for his own joe ringer band, said: "I've had my own band for a couple of years and the drummer is a really wicked beat Cheap Prom Dresses boxer. "I had run some choirs in the past so i can do the musical arrangements and we decided to give acapella a go.We Kids Prom Dresses found some really great singers and have been rehearsing since october. "Acapella has made a real comeback recently.It went away in the 1970s and 1980s when everything went electronic, but people really like the retro feel of it and it's great for events and weddings something a bit quirky and different. "We've been rehearsing for months and the edp wedding sell at a discount show will be our first public appearances. " The edp wedding show will take place at the norfolk showground in costessey, on saturday, february 23, 10am5pm and sunday, february 24, 10am4pm. There will be more than 150 exhibitors, with prospective brides and grooms able to choose from all the traditional essentials including cakes, cars, photographers, venues, entertainment and, of course, bridal wear.